Saturday, October 20, 2012

 Saturday October 20, 2012: Sunny and Absolutely Beautiful!!!
      Today's weather is a perfect example of why we live on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. Many of us who live here do so just because of weather like today! In the fall, the waves disappear and the water is flat, clear and sparkling. The conditions are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, diving and fishing.
      Early this morning I took my dogs to the beach as I usually do. Sativa, the older one, swims frequently. The puppy, Santo is afraid of the waves and I can't get him to go in and swim. But he'll do anything for a stick. Today I actually had both dogs swimming in deep water, chasing the stick. It was so much fun I jumped in with my clothes on and swam along with them. We swam, we floated we chased the stick - it was wonderful! 
      Now on this lovely Saturday morning, I am headed to the farmer's market where I'll buy fresh organic fruits and veggies, eggs from free range chickens, delicious raw milk and other goodies. There will also be a chocolate tasting for the start of the chocolate festival they are having this weekend. Coco is grown here, you know. And this weekend there is also a triathlon - swimming, running and biking.That will be fun to watch.
      What a life! I am so happy and feel so fortunate to live here. And you can do it, too! Or at least you can come visit. With prices like mine, of $20.00 a night, you can manage. Cook your food in our nice big kitchen and save on meals. Walk to town and listen to live music for free. Walk to the beach any time. If you can get yourself to Florida and fly from there, you can find cheap airfare, too. How can you say no? What a fantastic way to take a break and escape from the stress of life in North America.
     Come on down, I'll be waiting!


  1. We are coming the week of the 27th. Looks like lots of rain is in store for us. Oh well, I am sure we will have fun anyway.

  2. So you think the weather here will change greatly in one week? Are you looking at a prediction for the Caribbean side of Costa Rica? That is where I am. Check out this from Costa Rica's meterrological institute:
    I am on the Caribe Sur. We are supposed to have partly sunny weather. But perhaps you are traveling to a different part of Costa Rica.

  3. Thank you Lisa. We will be staying in Manzanillo at Congo Bongo. I was looking at the Weather Channel forcast for the Caribe side. Thanks for directing me to a better site. Doesn't look like they have the week of the 27th posted yet, but I will keep watching.

  4. I'm hoping we have a few more weeks before rainy season sets in. Enjoy your stay and thanks for reading my weather reports!