Saturday, February 2, 2013

Saturday February 2, 2013: Cloudy and Cool
       This past week we have had some sunny days and some clouds with a little bit of rain. Today has been quite breezy with the sun popping in and out - a really lovely day. The temperature at 2:20 p.m. is just above 80, but it feels cooler to me. When you live in a sunny climate, you become acclimated to the heat. But I enjoy a break from the sun now and then.
      The sweet little bird in the picture is an Olive Backed Euphonia. (Credit for the superb bird photos goes to Cari Cagle. She is a great photographer; a very nice person and presently, a guest here at Hidden Jungle Beach House.) So many pretty and colorful birds are common to this area. What is interesting about this one is that it is perched on the nest of an Oropendola.(Photo below by
The Oropendola, with a gold (oro) tail like a pendulum (pendola), is also a common bird, here in the Caribbean. The males build their sock-like nests and the females chose their mate by selecting the best house builder. Along the roadside, I frequently see trees with many nests hanging. I took the photo below right near my house.
      The cute little Olive Backed Euphonia is sitting on an Oropendola nest which I found in a field and hung from the roof by the upstairs porch. I was delighted to see several Euphonias flittering around the nest, in hopes that they might actually move in. But I think they must have been looking for insects, instead. They visit frequently but do not stay.
      Living here at Hidden Jungle Beach House is such a joy, among the birds and wild animals, surrounded by nature. Every day I see hummingbirds popping into the jungle flowers all around the house. Shiny Blue Morpho butterflys dance by. My favorite little baby sloth lives in the trees right outside my window. Agoutis romp and chase around the jungle floor. Wide eyed Kinkajous come out at night. I've also seen an armadillo, an anteater and a porcupine. I'm living in a fairy tale world and I love it!


  1. Love this posting - very good photos and wonderful information. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the comment. It's nice to know when my stories are appreciated!