Sunday, February 24, 2013

What's WRONG with Hidden Jungle Beach House?

Sunday February 24, 2013: Sunny
      The past few days since I last posted have been about the same: cloudy in the morning, clearing in the afternoon with rain at night. Today is quite bright.
        So what's with the upside down photo of Hidden Jungle Beach House? It is to call your attention to an article I just wrote about what is "wrong" with the place.
For example:
We have no street sign.
You can't smoke cigarettes here.
We have no screens or glass on the windows.
We have no air conditioning.
The linens don't match.
The dishes are not a matching set.
The rooms are small.
The dogs bark.
Sometimes internet is slow.
You must remember to lock the doors and shut your shutters.
      Well... that is all I can think of. Am I trying to scare away customers? Not at all. I just want to give a realistic description. My place is not for everybody. Is it for you?

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