Monday, April 1, 2013


Monday April 1, 2013: APRIL FOOLS!
      Today is a fitting day for me to come back to my Weather Report, as I love playing jokes. This picture makes me miss Montana but I am very happy here in the tropics.
      Since my previous post two weeks ago the weather has been mostly sunny mixed with some rain. Frequently the rain occurs at night, followed by a bright lovely day. Last week was Semana Santa (Holy Week) the biggest holiday of the year in Costa Rica. People from the inland towns and cities flock to the beach for their week's vacation. This year they got several days of hot sun and incredibly swimable, waveless turquoise water. Then a day or rain. Then a day of sun. Then a day of rain. At the moment, it looks undecided. Nevertheless, town was quite crowded and everyone seemed to be having a good time. Now it is quiet, they've all gone home and we are back to another humdrum day in paradise.

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