Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wednesday June 5, 2013: Another Nice Day - Sunny with a Scattering of Clouds 
      I took this photo recently on a day similar to today, but brighter. I enjoyed a fishing trip with Roger (my Guide Service client) and Wahoo fishing Tours. As you can see Roger got a fish. This was a very successful day, thanks to Pino, our fishing guide (above) and Wahoo Tours. They provided us with a nice lunch and two local fishing experts. It was even more entertaining with the convivial owner,  Janet, who came along just for fun. I don't fish but Janet and I jumped off the boat and swam in the crystal clear, sparkling water. It was an amazingly beautiful day on the Caribbean sea, but the fun was not over when we left the boat. After  our crew caught 8 King Mackerel, I took some home for the guests at Hidden Jungle Beach House. Then Roger and I had ours prepared at a restaurant - Koki Beach, one of the very best in town.
      Koki Beach sits right across from the harbor where the fishing boats come in. It's a beautiful place to watch the sunset over the water. They did a fantastic job of cooking up our fish and provided delicious accompaniments of salad, potatoes and veggies. Everything was exquisitely prepared and the atmosphere was lovely Caribbean Rustic/Plush. We were delighted when twice, the owner Christer, came out to talk to us personally and see how we liked the meal.
      I just LOVE living in Costa Rica's Caribbean!

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