Sunday, October 6, 2013


Sunday October 6, 2013: Another bright and sunny day in the Caribbean.
      WHAT IS IT??? Walking down the beach in beautiful Playa Negra (Black Beach) I came upon this huge, three story hulk emerging from the jungle, headed for the sea. Upon closer inspection I could see it was not yet seaworthy. Someone is building a boat - a big boat. Is it an ark? If so it would not be the first to be built in Puerto Viejo. That's right, not long ago a local expat tried to build an ark out of steel shipping containers. I heard he had it filled with survival supplies, awaiting the apocalypse - just one of the many creative ideas manifested by the colorful characters of Puerto Viejo.
     Further investigation led to another of our town's colorful characters: Popeye O'Brien, owner of The Point, a sports bar on the beach right near the big boat. (Yes, he eats spinach. If the real Popeye retired from cartoons to run a bar on Costa Rica's Caribbean, this guy has got to be him.) Popeye and his wife Tiffany (Olive Oil took off with Brutus) got the inspiration for the Pirates Point Party Barge from a boat pictured here on Indiegogo. You can also see a video of the boat in it's early stages of construction on the same page.
      What fun! This will be a great addition to our town - a novelty. The plan is for it to be a bar barge for drinking, relaxing in the sun and crashing down the water slide into the cool, clear Caribbean. "The Sailor Man" says it should be ready to launch in two weeks. I can't wait!


  1. Suerte amigos! I can't wait to party on The Barge! Persevere! Hasta la victoria siempre! Arrrrr!
    pura vida,

  2. All right, Dawna! I'm with you. Hope to meet you splashing in the sun, flying off the water slide and drinking down a cool one!